About us

At Treasure Hunt Toys, we believe that creating experiences that bring joy, fun and pretend play can create deeper connections, social interactions and memorable moments that last a lifetime. 

Treasure Hunt Toys is owned by two Melbourne based mums, Kate & Sharon, who wanted to make a difference in the toys and accessories market and bring to life their original treasure hunt experiences for children.

Treasure Hunts

Our range of treasure hunt experiences is culturally diverse, as well offering a wide range of themes to meet children's interests.  The treasure hunt experiences are aimed at children aged 3 - 10.  

Children (and adults!) have been doing treasure or scavenger hunts for years, the excitement it brings as you go from one clue to the next, working out each clue as you go. 

Our treasure hunt kits save parents time by providing both whimsical riddles and special treasures to be found along the way. 

We make it easy

A lot of treasure hunts on the market are for the clue's only, with parents then providing prizes to be found if they want. 

Our treasure hunt kits take the stress away from parents in today's busy environment and provide the complete package,  just unbox and hide the clues and treasures and watch your little one's delight in working out the clue's (maybe with a little help from an adult) and find the treasures, furthermore moving away from time on devices.

Sustainable gifts and baby accessories

We also aim to curate a collection of eco-friendly toys that will last generations and help develop numerous skills as children develop in the important younger years.

Our range of products are delightful to feel and beautiful to look at, whilst being long lasting and something you and your child will treasure.

All our toys and accessories have been selected for their sustainable status; as well and their longevity and purpose to enhance a child’s passion for play.

In line with our focus on sustainability, our packaging has been carefully selecting because of its ability to be either recycled or composted.

We will continue to focus on improving our products in line with our ethos.