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Treasure Hunt Toys

Ahoy Pirate Treasure Hunt

Ahoy Pirate Treasure Hunt

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Get ready for an adventure my pirate crew!

Land ahoy, now me fellow explorer of the seven seas, go on get on with it to help find me some treasure or loot! With the aid of an adult, children will listen to the rhyming clues to problem solve which way to go to search for the next clue and locate hidden treasure along the journey.

These kits are recommended for children older than 3 due to size of treasures.Great for a birthday gift, fun activity over the holidays, small group gatherings  or sibling activity.

Up to 2 hours of fun with treasure hunt experience and activities and pretend play! .

Kits provided include:

  • 9 original rhyming clue cards,
  • 9 enchanting treasures including pirate clothing, pirate bubbles, pirate tattoos, stamper, jewels and coins in loot bag
  • Adult instructions and suggestions for hiding places

A range of activities to complete prior to or after the treasure hunt including dot to dot, colouring in sheet, maze activity.

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