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Treasure Hunt Toys

Cruising Along

Cruising Along

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Toot toot goes the train,  whoosh whoosh goes the helicopter,  this treasure hunt adventure is sure to delight little ones who love cars, trucks and planes.  With clues and treasures that are all transport related,  this cruising along adventure will keep them busy. 

With the aid of an adult let your child/ren travel along the path and discover the different transport clues.   By solving the clues which are written in rhymes to find treasures along the way. Children will have fun interacting socially with those around them, having fun with the treasures afterwards and completing fun activities such as a  word find, baking cookies, colouring in sheet and craft activities.

These kits are recommended for children older than 4 due to size of treasures.  

Great for a birthday gift, fun activity over the holidays, small group gatherings , or sibling activity.

Hours of fun with treasure hunt experience and activities and pretend play afterwards! 

Each kit includes:
  • 10 original rhyming clue cards,
  • 9 transport type treasures: which include:
    Stickers, scratch art,  paint your own car,  paint your own boat, stamp, vehicle toy, cookie cutter and token bags.
  • Adult instructions and suggestions for hiding places
  • Fun activities to complete prior to or after the treasure hunt

Some treasures will vary in design.

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